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Fast crypto payments with DotBig card

Top up your DotBig card with popular cryptocurrencies to pay for purchases and services around the world, make non-cash transfers and withdraw funds from ATMs. You can also use the crypto card to deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account on our trading platforms.

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Manage digital assets as efficiently as possible

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Efficient digital asset management

The DotBig cryptocard is a modern and convenient means of payment. Apply for a card now and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency management in a few clicks.



All personal information about customers is securely encrypted, in accordance with the GDPR (European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data).



Payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, DOG and other cryptocurrencies are carried out in a few clicks and are instantly processed by the system



You can use the DotBig card to pay for online services, at offline stores, and transfer cryptocurrency into fiat money.


24/7 support

If you have any questions, you can contact DotBig support.

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Card fees

Card load fee
Monthly Service charge per card
2.00 €
Card Delivery with Courier Services
ATM balance inquiry
1.00 €
ATM disbursement
1.50 € + 2.00%
POS transaction successful
0.25 €
Account Funding (Card-to-Card) fee
2.00 €
FX mark up
Chargeback handling (per chargeback)
30.00 €

DotBig Card is a unique tool available only for clients of the DotBig forex broker. It will be a useful means for you if you operate cryptocurrencies and want to have a safe method to store all your digital assets. You can withdraw your crypto earnings from your trading account to DotBig Card and store them safely.

When you top up your DotBig Card with popular cryptocurrencies, you can use this money to pay for products and services online with fast processing of transactions. You can even convert this money into fiat currency and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. You can also use your DotBig Crypto Card as a payment method to fund your trading account on our platform. Enjoy using this tool!

Basics of digital asset management

The DotBig crypto card is a novice payment method which makes transactions in popular cryptocurrencies faster, easier, and more convenient. To open it, you have to send a proper application for the DotBig crypto card. When your request is submitted, you can conveniently manage your cryptocurrency savings in several clicks. Se the other benefits of our innovative payment means.

  • Security. When using the DotBig Card you shouldn’t be afraid of the leakage of your personal and sensitive information. As a provider of this service, we guarantee that all data is protected. Data encryption corresponds to the GDPR (European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data) requirements.
  • Speed. You can make transactions in BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Whatever crypto you choose, we guarantee that the payments will be processed in several clicks. The payment system works instantly.
  • Versatility. The DotBig Card is a versatility cryptocurrency card that is a safe and convenient method to pay online for different products and services. Also, you can convert your digital funds into fiat money and use it for offline physical payments after withdrawing through ATMs. 
  • 24/7 support. Every client can always count on the support from our specialists. Feel free to ask any questions you have to solve any issues with your DotBig Card. 

Card maintenance fee

The DotBig Card is available for all clients of our forex broker. However, due to the authenticity and uniqueness of service, they aren’t provided for free. You will be charged for the general maintenance of the card and for different operations, in particular. To understand how our fees will work, see that table with maintenance commission types above.

Safe payments all over the world

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