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The DotBig forex broker is one of the most accessible trading platforms that provide the possibility to approach different types of trading markets. The diversity of assets is a beneficial feature for both experienced participants and beginners. With such a possibility, they can do market trading activities and switch from assets that tend to show declining performance to more profitable ones quickly and easily.

The multi-asset nature of the DotBig trading platform provides clients with better liquidity because clients have more options to choose from. They aren’t forced to trade products with poor liquidity and high trading fees.

Owners of live accounts on the DotBig trading terminals can be involved in both investing and trading activities. The bigger the scope of options to do, the higher chance to make profits from this.

Currency Market

DotBig provides commission-free access to Forex trading markets. Here, you can access 72 currency pairs, with the leverage of 1:400. With the help of technical analysis tools, traders can sell and buy currencies during the best time frames. The terminals provide only relevant currency rates.

Except for major and minor pairs, traders can benefit from exotic ones. The tools of the platform allow mitigating the risks. The spreads on the currency market are floating, ranging between 1-2.5 pips.

Online Stock Trading

The DotBig trading platform offers one of the best selections of products for stock markets trading activities. Currently, investors and traders can get commission-free access to more than 200 reals shares - from technologies and manufacturing to healthcare and DeFi industries.

DotBig charts show only relevant quotes from the stock trading markets. The broker offers to approach the leading stocks listed on the most reputable exchanges, including New York and Hong Kong. With automated advisors, it’s easy to add the most promising papers to your portfolio.

Market indices

Active researching from additional sources is the necessary approach when doing market trading activities. Any trader or investor needs to do this in order to follow the chosen trading instruments and determine future movements of quotes and price rates. It might be complicated.

That’s why DotBig offers the possibility to take advantage of the market tendencies of major stock exchanges. Market indices trading still requires deep research and analysis, but there is a possibility to benefit from both up and down movements. This adds flexibility and the chance to manage your exposure. What are other benefits of trading market indices? Here are several more:

  • No one can buy an index, that’s why price rates cannot be manipulated in any way;
  • Historically, index losses or gains don’t exceed 10%, which makes these market instruments less risk-exposed than stocks, for example;
  • The index cannot go bankrupt and make you lose all the invested funds;
  • The index price rates depend on the global economic situation, but not on the performance of a specific company or financial institution;
  • Different indices suit different trading strategies. Therefore, if you want to switch between scalp and swing trading, you don’t need to change the trading markets, just choose another index.

Cryptocurrency trading

DotBig is one of the best options for trading cryptocurrencies and crypto-related products. Its functional features allow using the platform for two different purposes - holding and trading. Therefore, traders may use DotBig as a crypto wallet or as a trading terminal

Except for investing in different cryptocurrencies, traders can benefit from trading cryptocurrency pairs based on different blockchain networks. The broker guarantees safe and advanced tools to help make cryptocurrency trading more efficient and profitable.

Crypto traders trust the broker not just because of the diversity of crypto instruments. They like the quality of services and the possibility to store digital funds. You can do this on the trading account or by using a special DotBig card that allows transferring crypto assets into fiat money.


The biggest world markets focused on resources provide quite interesting conditions today.

The broker offers to access 6 commodities with fixed leverage of 1:100. It provides good liquidity and the possibility to trade commodity CFDs, where limited resources and units are listed.

Commodities are quite safe trading instruments. The core advantages of commodity trading are the following:

  • The prices of raw materials (commodities) increase during inflation periods, unlike the costs of stocks.
  • The demand for commodities is always significant, and geopolitical crises only make the scarcity bigger.
  • High leverage for commodities leads to bigger returns and gains.

Portfolio investments

DotBig analysts help their clients to compile profitable investment portfolios that include different securities. This allows benefits from the diversification of the assets, which helps to achieve specific objectives of trading faster. Learn how to create a good investment portfolio before you start trading. Here are our top tips:

  1. Decide, whether you need assistance from the machine trading engines. The DotBig trading platform has such a feature.
  2. Select products that meet the requirements of your risk tolerance. Usually, traders choose different types of stocks.
  3. Determine, which allocation strategy suits your need best. The allocation is determined by different fractions of the chosen assets.


Exchange-traded funds are the most popular financial instruments among that participant who are looking for better exposure and higher liquidity. They are available whenever the market is open. ETFs also provide better tax efficiency.


Choose the most appropriate markets trading hours from the available time frames and trade contracts for differences. Keep in mind that these are risky and complicated assets. Make sure you are ready to face these risks for the sake of bigger gains. You should understand how they work before approaching the CFD trading market. Take your time to learn more.


What are the benefits of trading the markets with DotBig?

The major benefit of the markets trading with DotBig is the diversity of assets. DotBig also provides the possibility to access different types of trading markets without paying fees. Commissions are included in spreads of specific products.

What are prime examples of trading instruments?

If you trade on the stock market, the most popular instruments there are shares. DotBig displays assets of such companies as Tesla, Google, Apple, and others. Cryptocurrencies are also popular trading instruments.

Which trading instrument is the best?

This depends on your budget and intentions. If you want to invest in corporations, stocks would be the best instruments for you. If you follow the trends of the cryptocurrency market, you may try trading crypto instruments during the market's trading hours. Cryptocurrencies, however, are volatile instruments. If you prefer stability, choose ETFs.

Which trading instrument should a beginner choose?

We recommend beginners try trading on stock trading markets. When trading shares, you can choose both short- and long-term strategies. There are a lot of research materials that help when trading stocks. Many of them are very understandable for beginners. Besides, newbies can cope on their own by following the activities of the companies. To succeed in stock trading, one should have good analytical skills.

How to get a trading technical analysis masterclass and master the financial markets?

To gain valuable experience in trading markets, one has to practice and do a lot of research. Master trading by participating on our platform. Learn the most relevant information and the most useful insights from our social networks and DotBig YouTube videos. Also, you can try practicing for free via our demo account. To open it, sign up and make a special request to your manager.


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May 18, 2021

I like it.

I have been working with the broker for several months, and so far I am satisfied with it. The platform is comfortable enough, but it requires careful study. After a week of trading I quickly got used to it, although I don't use many buttons.

Nov 30, 2020

For the beginner, it's perfect.

I started trading not so long ago. DotBig is my first broker, so I can't compare it with other companies yet. I am happy with the trading conditions. Everything is clear and explained in detail.

Feb 1, 2019

Good trading conditions.

DotBig offers pretty good conditions for trading, money is withdrawn instantly, but there are no problems in this respect either. I am satisfied with everything, I invest and plan to continue working with this company.

Jul 23, 2019

I recommend DotBig

The DotBig platform was recommended by an acquaintance. My thanks to him for the good recommendation. This trading platform offers a comfortable service for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency. Here you can buy and sell cryptocurrency for dollars. Both experienced traders and beginners will definitely find the trading platform suitable.

All DotBig Testimonials
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