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DotBig - Your Forex Broker For Trading On The Currency Market

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DotBig - Your Forex Broker For Trading On The Currency Market

What is Forex?

Forex is a trading space for international exchange of currencies. Traders do not own the purchased asset in full, managing only the difference between the price of its sale and purchase. The word “Forex” stands for “Foreign Exchange” and means international exchange of currency pairs. The main principle of making money on the Forex exchange is to buy currency at a lower price and sell at a higher price. Trading on the Forex markets on the Internet is suitable for investors even with a small initial capital.

Online Forex trading is available around the clock from Monday to Friday. The currency quotes are influenced by political and economic events in the world, natural disasters, inflation, etc. To determine which currency transactions will benefit in the near future on the exchange market, Forex traders need to use technical, informational, fundamental analysis or seek help from our analyst.

The foreign exchange market is one of the most popular avenues for online traders. They are looking for the biggest selection of tradable instruments and the most profitable conditions. DotBig is one of the trading platforms that offer efficient solutions for forex traders.

By trading DotBig products from the currency market, you will have the possibility to monitor the freshest rates and develop your strategies in cooperation with the best specialists. It is the best broker for forex trading in the US because of the range of available products and low spreads. Access the most efficient terminals and make profits with this broker for trading.

Basics of Forex trading

Forex is a shortened form for foreign exchange. This is the global market of fiat currencies. When accessing foreign exchange, participants don’t acquire complete ownership over the bought assets. They make profits by making the right decisions on the price differences. The profits come when the sale prices are higher than the purchase prices. The bigger the difference is, the higher the profit of a trader will be. To trade currencies on the international markets efficiently, traders have to monitor price rates through charts. Forex trading is available even for participants with smaller starting budgets.

With the capabilities of the Internet, you can access foreign exchanges online. They are available all day long, but only during business days. To be successful in forex trading, it’s not enough just to find the best broker for forex trading. You have to monitor the geopolitical and economic events, learn about the influence of natural disasters on different financial processes, and more. These are the fact that impact price rates and might often be unpredictable for experts.

With trading DotBig, it becomes much easier to monitor all these things. Clients of the broker can apply different technical, research, and analytical instruments to determine the impact of fundamentals and so on. Also, we offer the possibility to work in cooperation with our professional financial analysts.

One thing you should also know about forex is that not all the currency pairs have so considerable impact on the market and not many are very popular with traders. The assets that are the most popular and influential in the industry are called major pairs. Usually, these are the pairs that include USD or EUR. All the pairs where currencies aren’t paired with the USD are called minor. There are also exotic pairs. In such cases, the developing or newly emerged assets are paired with EUR or USD.

How to become a Forex trader?

To become a Forex DotBig trader, you have to open a live trading account with our broker for trading. Before you start dealing with real market conditions, we recommend taking part in our educational courses that teach you how to act in the foreign exchange market. When you have enough knowledge about this financial market, you can register on our website!

To become a real Forex trader and finally acquire access to the financial products displayed on our Forex and stock broker for trading, fill in the enrollment form and complete the verification procedure. This is an obligatory step of the broker’s KYC policy.

Is it a good idea to become a Forex trader in 2022? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of this activity before starting your real trading account.


  • Low entry-level. To become a real forex trader, you don’t need to operate huge budgets. Our company doesn’t charge additional commissions for the exposure to Forex. Plus, the spreads on currency pairs are low, as a rule.

  • It suits your schedule and trading style. The Forex market is open all day long, meaning you can enter it with your deals any time you want or can.

  • The Foreign exchange market offers the highest liquidity. Thanks to this feature of the industry, any orders can be efficiently executed without price deviations.

  • Due to the international nature of Forex, there is no central exchange institution that could regulate the market.

  • High volatility in the market often becomes the most profit-bringing opportunity.

  • Great selection of assets. A Forex trader can access a big number of instruments. 


  • The market might not always be transparent due to the lack of regulation.

  • There are too many factors that determine the price rates of currencies.

  • High leverage.

DotBig - your access to trading markets

Foreign exchange markets are the most popular among online traders. They are easy to reach and traders don’t need to invest great budgets to gain profits. With DotBig tools, everything will become even easier. But DotBig isn’t just a forex broker.

DotBig is also a stock broker for trading that provides access to equity markets as well. Explore other products you can trade with us!

How to start Forex trading?


To authorize on the website and create a personal account, fill out the form, indicating your name, phone number, email address.



After registration, provide an identity document to verify your age and place of residence.


Replenish your account

To start trading real money, the initial deposit can be made in any available way.



Trade Forex currencies under the guidance of a personal analyst and make only profitable deals.

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