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One of the features to determine the efficiency of the forex trading software is the availability of different forex trading tools. These are instruments that are necessary to make advanced analyses and profitable deals. The effective usage of tools for traders helps participants to avoid potentially unprofitable deals and build better strategies.

Of course, it’s a good idea to test the available trading tools before making real deals. With DotBig, for example, you can sample their efficiency in real-market conditions. It’s a free possibility to explore their functional features and understand how the instruments work. Before applying, also check the affordability of solutions and their efficiency in your trading strategy.

Here we offer the listings of DotBig forex trading tools that suit different categories of clients. Learn more about them.

Trading signals

These are special triggers that alert when it’s the best time to agree on a deal. These alerts might be based on analysis previously generated by a participant with the help of technical indicators, or by automated algorithms.

The major objective of trading signals is to exclude the emotions of traders making the decisions. Trading signals provide the mechanical method that determines efficiency. To generate this trigger, can apply different types of analyses, including technical, fundamental, quantitative, etc.

Social Trading

Social trading, or copy trading systems, are special forex trading software solutions that have the main aim to exchange knowledge and data. Simply speaking, the DotBig social trading platform lists successful traders and provides the possibility to copy their strategies and deals to succeed.

It is very useful for beginning participants who are not keen on developing their own strategies. They pay a small commission and can benefit from others’ achievements. To determine who to follow, traders can study statistics. DotBig provides relevant trading data about everyone who joins its social trading platform.

Economic calendar

Such forex trading tools are helpful for participants who prefer keeping up with one’s strict schedule. The economic calendar might keep the notifications about some important events from the markets at your disposal. As we know, in forex trading, following the news and events is vital.

Define which events have the top-priority importance and follow them with the specially adjusted calendar. Receive notifications in advance and pay more attention to specific price rate movements. With the help of a calendar and some other forex tools, it’s easier to determine how the trading market responds to different events. Therefore, further on, you will be able to react to them more efficiently.


Various kinds of calculating forex tools serve different purposes. Explore the list of calculators available with the DotBig forex broker and find out which are the most helpful for your trading strategy.

Volatility calculator

If you are willing to trade currencies and gain profits, you should be able to determine how their price rates might change soon. The solution is designed to assist you. This tool studies how the price rates were modified during previous periods. With this data, it's possible to forecast further movements, because currencies repeat them if the situation in the economic markets isn’t impacted by some serious global issues or some unexpected changes. The history of price movements repeats. So, if you know what the volatility was before, you can forecast it for the future.

Pip calculator

Why does one need to calculate pips? Because pip is the most insignificant unit of movement in the exchange rate of the currency pair. With this instrument, it's easier to define the pip's value. The solution applies information about the position size of the local currency.

Margin calculator

How to find the volume necessary for a position opening? Apply the margin calculator. When making calculations, this tool processes various categories of data, including the contract size, your accounting currency, and others. After the calculations are finished, it provides to the trader the required digits of the margin and its percentage. With this, traders determine the sizes of their orders.

Currency converter

It is one of the simplest forex trading tools. By relying on current exchange rates, it estimates the price of one currency if it would be exchanged for another. The trader needs to select one asset and enter the value that should be converted to another currency. This solution is a good instrument for calculating equivalent currency values.

Profit calculator

This solution works with data of traders' positions. By relying on the available info and current exchange rates, it can calculate how much profit or loss a certain trading position might potentially bring. It shows whether your current trading strategy is successful enough.

Time zone converter

One more helpful instrument you should explore when trading with the DotBig forex broker. Why do time zones have such a big meaning in foreign exchange? Different centers are located in different destinations of the globe. You probably know that there are centers in New York, London, and other big cities. The time zones of these cities are not the same. The overlap during their sessions might provide the biggest liquidity. It's necessary for every participant to know when these moments come. With better liquidity, it will be simpler to generate bigger profits.

Correlation Matrix

Finally, consider using the correlation matrix. With this instrument, a trader can easily determine how the exchange rate of currency pairs correlates with each other. It’s very useful when you need to follow the behavior of your forex assets and predict their future movements.

The correlation between different pairs differs due to various factors. For example, they might have some common characteristics that determine exchange rates. Thanks to these common features, you can determine when the movement of one pair will start, by relying on the previous movement of another pair.

Financial newswire

When describing the features and objectives of the economic calendar, we mentioned that different things have different influences on forex prices. Prices might be determined by events in the financial sectors, increasing interest rates, and so on. That’s why any forex trader must follow the freshest financial news with the help of the financial newswire.

The most important thing forex traders usually pay attention to is the news about interest rates set by a central financial institution of every country. Every month, they release benchmark interest rates. This has a very strong impact on forex prices.


Can I trade forex with $250?

$250 is considered by many traders to be the most optimal amount to start trading. This is because this sum is big enough to generate big gains. With DotBig, $250 is enough to start trading. Sign up, make the deposit, and choose the set of financial products to start trading.

Which trading tools are more effective?

The efficiency of a certain trading tool depends on your needs and skills in using it. For example, if you don’t want or don’t have time to be deeply involved in trading activities, you will find the social trading platform of DotBig the best option for you. This tool requires minimum knowledge and skills in online trading. Clients don’t need to develop their own strategies. They just follow successful participants.

Will forex trading last forever?

With DotBig, you can keep your trade open for as long as you wish. There are no limitations on how long you hold your positions on the forex market.


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May 18, 2021

I like it.

I have been working with the broker for several months, and so far I am satisfied with it. The platform is comfortable enough, but it requires careful study. After a week of trading I quickly got used to it, although I don't use many buttons.

Nov 30, 2020

For the beginner, it's perfect.

I started trading not so long ago. DotBig is my first broker, so I can't compare it with other companies yet. I am happy with the trading conditions. Everything is clear and explained in detail.

Feb 1, 2019

Good trading conditions.

DotBig offers pretty good conditions for trading, money is withdrawn instantly, but there are no problems in this respect either. I am satisfied with everything, I invest and plan to continue working with this company.

Jul 23, 2019

I recommend DotBig

The DotBig platform was recommended by an acquaintance. My thanks to him for the good recommendation. This trading platform offers a comfortable service for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency. Here you can buy and sell cryptocurrency for dollars. Both experienced traders and beginners will definitely find the trading platform suitable.

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