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MasterCard is among the largest international companies that operate in the financial sector. MasterCard shares may be of interest to traders who choose the asset for long-term investment. In addition, the securities of the corporation attract investors interested in stable dividend payments.

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Basic information about the company

MasterCard Inc. - is a global international payment system. This multinational company brings together financial institutions in more than 200 countries around the world. The payment system was founded in 1966 when several banks from America signed an agreement to create the Interbank Card Association. In 1979, the company was renamed MasterCard.

The corporation became a stock company in 2002. In 2006, it held an IPO and went public. On the NYSE, MasterCard stock during the initial public offering was trading at $39 per share. On the first day of the IPO, the company raised $2.4 billion in investments. MasterCard's total market capitalization at the time was $5.3 billion.

Company activity

The payment system's global operations are controlled by a non-stock company, Mastercard International Incorporated. It coordinates the promotion of brand payment services on the market and is responsible for the introduction of new technologies. MasterCard takes an active part in developing standards for microprocessor-based bank cards.

As of March 31, 2022, it was estimated that 2.9 billion MasterCard and Maestro cards had been issued. Its services are temporarily not available to Russian users. The activities of the payment system are influenced by events in the political and economic spheres, so investors should follow the news and react to changes in quotes on time.

The last news

In March 2022, MasterCard suspended its operations in Russia, due to the military special operation in Ukraine. Payment system cards issued in Russia temporarily do not function outside the country. The cards issued outside the country will not work in Russia.

After the suspension of activity in Russia MasterCard announced losses in the amount of $34 mln as a result of withdrawal from the Russian market. The corporation said the losses are mostly due to the reserves of uncollectible money balances of some clients. Some Russian analysts forecasted a decrease in MasterCard's revenue by about 4% in the second half of 2022. However, in the quarterly report for the first three months of the year, the company noted a stable income.

✅ Advantages of investing in MasterCard

  • Despite the exit from the Russian market and the difficult geopolitical situation in the world, the company managed to get its operations up and running and exceeded revenue forecasts in the first quarter of 2022.
  • MasterCard is characterized by a stable return of capital to shareholders. Thus, in the first quarter of 2022, $479 million in dividends were paid. From the beginning of the year through April 25, the corporation spent $599 million to buy back MasterCard stock.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, the payment system saw an increase in its financial performance. This is due to several factors. For example, the number of cross-border transactions in local currency increased by more than 50%.

❌ Disadvantages of investing in MasterCard

  • MasterCard's stock price depends on various factors. Leaks of customers' personal data, technical failures in payment services, the impact of competition, etc. can lead to a drop in the price of securities.
  • Lately, MasterCard shares are facing sharp quotation jumps. Private investors should closely monitor the market situation to avoid the risks of losing their investments.


MasterCard reported financial results for the first quarter of 2022. The company reported an adjusted net income of $2.7 billion and earnings per share of more than $2.68. The corporation generated revenue of $5.2 billion, up 24%.

The company's expenses for the three-month period rose along with revenues. This is due to investments in advertising and marketing, staff pay increases, and spending money on data processing. MasterCard's total operating expenses were up 13%.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected MasterCard's stock price?

MasterCard shares were trading at $200.10 in March 2020. After the pandemic began through May 13, 2022, the quote rose 60.54% to $321 per paper.

How does an individual invest in MasterCard stock?

To trade MasterCard stock, log into your personal DotBig account. To start trading in real financial markets, get verified and fund your trading account with $100 or more.

How has MasterCard's stock price changed over the last year?

In May 2021, MasterCard had $360 worth of stock. In July 2021, the stock price rose above $390, after which the stock price experienced several sharp spikes.

Is it possible to trade MasterCard stock in automatic mode?

For automated trading, MasterCard offers a copy trading platform, trading robots, and trading signals.

What other information technology companies can I choose to invest in?

In the information technology sector, investors can choose stocks such as Texas Instruments, Qualys, and Affirm Holdings.

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