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Pinduoduo (PDD) live price

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Digital solutions that help businesses to develop are now essential for ambitious companies. They find it important to make the performance in every sector as productive as possible. Pinduoduo Inc contributes to the development of agricultural businesses.

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Basic information about the company

Started in 2015 by Lei Chen, the company has managed to grow to one of the fastest developing startups. This digital platform was designed to help farmers and distributors to find their clients and stay in touch with them. In 2019, over 12 million owners of agricultural businesses provided their products via this platform.

Except for developing its brand, the company contributes to the establishment of new manufacturers and factories. This is done via the New Brand Initiative launched in 2018. It aims to help small entrepreneurs, mainly farmers, develop their entities by using innovative e-commerce and technological services.

As of the end of 2021, the company has managed to generate over 14.7 billion USD of annual revenue. It’s also reported that through the previous year, the startup was actively used by more than 800 million customers of agricultural businesses.

Since July 2018, NASDAQ PDD is listed. PDD stock is also listed on major stock exchanges in Hong Kong. Pinduoduo stock might be also traded via forex brokers and online trading platforms.

The company's products

Although Pinduoduo is mainly focused on agricultural-based businesses, the platform has the prospects to become one of the leading e-commerce developments. It’s a usable platform where retailers can place their products and sell either agricultural products, or household items, electronics, and even clothing.

By applying the consumer-to-manufacturer model, the company makes retail e-commerce more client-focused. It helps the platform to keep the number of sales constantly growing because modern businesses realize the importance of customers’ demand. The model allows them to adjust prices that correspond to customers’ needs and possibilities.

The latest news on the PDD stock rate

The most significant fall of quotes of Pinduoduo stock happened after the release of the report on the 2021st third-quarter sales. Experts on Wall Street expected them to reach the mark of 4.04 billion USD, but the actual sales amounted to 3.37 billion USD. This made the Pinduoduo stock price plummet to 15.86%.

Since then, the cost of PDD stock has been tending to fall. As of the 25th of March, the share price has closed down at 44.24 USD. The CEO of the company explains this crash by the fact that the platform hasn’t reached the expected number of active users.

✅ Benefits of investing in Pinduoduo

  • Pinduoduo is a growing and developing company that continues increasing its influence on agricultural businesses by investing in logistics and infrastructure.
  • Pinduoduo has prospects to occupy leading positions in the eCommerce industry of both Chinese and US segments.
  • Pinduoduo actively invests in convertible bonds for retail business.
  • The company is increasing the assortment of available products and attracting new categories of clients.

❌ Disadvantages of investing in Pinduoduo

  • The price for Pinduoduo securities keeps falling down.
  • Some companies refuse to cooperate with Pinduoduo due to reputational concerns. It was reported that the company often violates the rights of its workers.
  • In recent times, the company cannot reach the expected number of active users and sales.

Financial performance

The first investment focused on the strategic development of the company was made in April 2020. The 200 million USD investment was made in convertible bonds of Gome Retail Holding. This made the position of Pinduoduo in the retail market of household appliances much more solid. Today, the household appliances category is one of the most popular on Pinduoduo, which means the investment made a great contribution.

In 2020, the company managed to increase its annual revenue by almost 120 times compared to 2019, which was a very impressive push for making its stocks go higher. The annual revenues for 2021 exceeded 14 billion USD. This should be considered a significant growth because at the end of 2020 the annual revenue amounted to around 10 billion USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Pinduoduo's stock price?

As of March 2020, the Pinduoduo stock was trading at 36 USD. As of March 2022, it’s trading at 44.24 USD. We may see that the price rates increased. However, the most significant increase in price rates was reported in December 2020, when the stock was trading at 177.76 USD.

How does an individual invest in Pinduoduo stock?

If you want to become a holder of Pinduoduo shares, you should sign up and then log in to your personal account on DotBig. Make the minimum required deposit and start investing in the securities of the company.

How has Pinduoduo's stock price changed over the last year?

On the first of August 2018, the stock was trading at 19.35 USD. It was the lowest point over the passing 5 years. The highest point in the price rates was on the first of December 2020 - 177.67 USD. Since then, the stock price is crashing.

Is it possible to trade Pinduoduo stock in automatic mode?

Automated trading is available on the DotBig platform. To do this efficiently, you have to enter the social trading platform. You may also use our trading signals and special advising tools.

What other companies in the IT sector can I choose to invest in?

E-commerce is quite a competitive industry. So you may also explore the prospects of stocks of such companies as Alibaba Group (BABA), Amazon (AMZN), eBay (EBAY), Walmart Inc (WMT), Rakuten Group Inc (RKUNY), Zalando (ZAL.DE), and others.

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