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Sun Hung Kai Properties (SUHJY) live price

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The Chinese stock market attracts many institutional and retail investors. Traders can choose securities of not only commodity producers, retailers, and IT companies. If you are interested in stable assets, look no further than China's largest real estate operators. This includes Sun Hung Kai Properties.

Sun Hung Kai Properties

Basic information

Sun Hung Kai Properties is one of China's largest real estate developers. This investment holding company was established on July 14, 1972. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and controlled by the Kwok family trust. Sun Hung Kai shares have been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1972.

In 2012, the investment holding company was implicated in a corruption investigation that resulted in the arrest of CEO Thomas Chan. The organization's ex-secretary was summoned for questioning, after which the corporation's management was released on bail. The story caused Sun Hung Kai Properties' stock price to plummet by 15%.

The company's activities

One of the company's main activities is investing in real estate for sale and lease. The holding also works in such areas as hospitality, telecommunications, infrastructure, and logistics. Separate divisions of the corporation specializing in real estate management, construction, and insurance.

In June 2019, the company owned the largest land bank in Hong Kong with 58.0 million square feet. The developer owns residential and commercial complexes, including YOHO and Wings. SUHJY's projects also include PopWalk and APM shopping centers. The company was involved in the development and construction of the Millennium City Group and the New Town Plaza complex, consisting of a mall, hotel, and residential sector.

Stock Price Predictions

In February 2022, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. stock received a Zacks #1 Rank. This means that analysts recommend actively buying the Hong Kong-based real estate operator's securities. Experts anticipate that by the end of the fiscal year, which ends in June 2022, SUHJY's earnings per share will be $1.42. According to this forecast, this figure exceeds last year's figure by 6.8%.

We have analyzed 14 analysts' forecasts for the coming year. SUHJY stock has an average target of $15.47. The maximum projected price level is $20.14 and the minimum is $11.08. By analyzing the median valuation, we can establish that SUHJY's stock price could increase by approximately 27%.

✅ Advantages of investing in SUHJY

  • Sun Hung Kai stock is considered a promising asset because the company has always received a high credit rating among Hong Kong developers. This has a positive effect on the corporation's reputation and attracts the attention of investors.
  • The Zacks' higher rating for SUHJY Stock indicates a high probability of higher corporate earnings and stock appreciation.

❌ Disadvantages of investing in SUHJY

  • The company's stock has been held at about the same level for several months. This makes them less attractive to investors targeting a short-term investment strategy.
  • The investment holding company's stock price can decline amid falling demand for housing and office rents. Thus, during the closing of the borders and the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of SUHJY securities did not show any growth.

Financial performance.

The corporation reported its first-half fiscal year results in February 2022. The management notes that the main indicators were close to the forecasted levels. For example, the dividend payout of HKD 1.25 per security was more stable than last year's parameter. The company expects its dividend for the year to remain at HKD 4.95 per share.

The corporation's management argues that the border closures and the pandemic are temporarily affecting demand for office space. Nevertheless, the company expects demand to rebound soon. At the same time, analysts predict high demand for offices, so rents will not drop significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Sun Hung Kai's stock price?

At the beginning of March 2020, Sun Hung Kai Stock was at $13. After the coronavirus pandemic began, the value of the stock began to decline and fell below $11.5 in May 2020.

How does an individual invest in Sun Hung Kai stock?

To start investing in the stock of Hong Kong's largest real estate developer, register on the DotBig website. Access to the real financial markets will open after verification and deposit.

How has Sun Hung Kai's stock price changed over the past year?

Over the past year, SUHJY stock has gone from $15.7 to $12, starting in June 2021. From February through the second half of March 2022, the quotes have held about the same level.

Is it possible to trade SUHJY stock in automatic mode?

To trade shares in automatic mode, go to your personal DotBig account. We offer a social trading platform as well as trading robots.

What other real estate operators can I choose to invest with?

SUHJY's competitors include real estate operators Longfor Group Holdings Limited and China Vanke

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