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Every year the demand for electric cars is growing. Securities of electric car manufacturers are attracting retail and institutional investors. Among electric car manufacturers, the Chinese company XPeng is gaining popularity.

Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co Ltd listed NYSE

Basic information about the company

XPeng Motors is a Chinese electric car manufacturer headquartered in Guangzhou. The company was founded in 2014. According to its representatives, among the major holders of XPeng shares are well-known organizations He Xiaopeng and Alibaba Group.

The company held an IPO in late August 2020, raising $1.5 billion in investment. XPeng Stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The NYSE now offers retail investors the opportunity to buy the Chinese electric car maker's securities.

XPeng's production facilities consist of two plants in Zhaoqing and Guangzhou (only construction is still underway here, which began in September 2020). The company also said that it plans to open a plant in Wuhan. Its production capacity is expected to be 100 thousand cars per year.

The company's products

The first electric sedan XPeng P7 entered the market in 2020. The car is equipped with high-tech systems, including collision avoidance and autonomous driving. The manufacturer's lineup also includes the P5 sedan, G3, and Identity X electric crossovers.

The company equips electric cars with a lidar control system. State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to assess moving obstacles in the path to avoid a collision. In doing so, the system analyzes the location and speed of the object.

Xiaopeng Motors uses LFP batteries provided by the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology. Such batteries are considered safer than CTP batteries. XPeng customers can use more than 1,000 stations in China to charge their cars. In addition, electric car owners have access to 200,000 third-party stations located in different cities.

The latest news on the stock rate

In February 2022, it became known that XPeng shares were included in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect investment channel. Following this news, the value of the electric car maker's securities rose 8%. Chinese investors gained access to trading in the company's stock.

The automaker plans to expand its customer base in the first quarter of 2022 by conquering new European markets. Thus, the company announced plans to introduce its electric cars in the Netherlands and Sweden. In addition, Xpeng representatives also mentioned Denmark among the countries with which it is considering cooperation.

✅ Benefits of investing in XPeng

  • The world is gradually shifting to electric cars, so along with the supply of such cars, the demand for them is also growing. This means that electric car manufacturers will develop and produce more cars. The increase in sales will have a positive impact on XPeng Motors' stock price.
  • The company continues to improve its technology. For example, last October, the manufacturer added a chassis with a high-voltage powertrain to its innovations. The use of an 800-volt battery allows Xpeng to make light and compact electric motors. In addition, the manufacturer introduced 480 kW charging systems. They can be used to charge 30 cars at the same time.
  • The company has been increasing its car shipments for several months in a row, which has had a positive effect on its financial results.

❌ Disadvantages of investing in XPeng

  • There is increased competition in the electric car market right now. In China, major electric car manufacturers include Li Xiang and NIO. Also a strong competitor to XPeng on a global level is Tesla.
  • Over the past year, XPeng Motors shares have experienced several sharp drops and ups. Short-term fluctuations of quotations may occur against the background of increased competition, lack of components, the difficult situation in the financial markets, etc.

Financial indicators

At the end of November of the last year, the company presented a quarterly report. According to its results, the proceeds of the automaker for three months reached $887,7 mln. Net loss increased to $247,5 mln.

XPeng Motors' shares share price is positively influenced by the increase in orders for its new electric car model P5. The company delivered more than 430 of these cars last October, but they were not equipped with an autopilot driving radar at the time. Later, car buyers received the missing devices as add-ons.

In January, Xiaopeng Motors increased its shipments of smart cars by 115 percent over the previous year. The electric car maker delivered more than 10,000 cars each month during the five-month period. In total, the company's deliveries exceeded 150,000 electric-powered cars as of Jan. 31, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected XPeng's stock price?

XPeng Motors shares started trading on the stock exchange already after the first wave of the pandemic. The auto maker's financial performance had more of an impact on the post-IPO stock price change.

How does an individual invest in Xiaopeng Motors stock?

XPeng Motors stock is listed on international stock exchanges. Retail investors can buy the automaker's securities by registering on our website and opening a personal DotBig account.

How has the price of XPeng securities changed over the past year?

At the beginning of 2021, XPeng stock was trading at $47. During the year, the rate reached a low point of $30 in April. The yearly high ($54) was reached in November 2021. In February 2022, the stock traded at $33.

Is it possible to trade Xiaopeng Motors stock in automatic mode?

To join automatic trading using XPeng Stock asset, open a social trading platform or use trading robots/advisors.

What other electric car manufacturers can I choose to invest in?

In the market of electric car manufacturers to invest in, you can choose Tesla, Li Xiang, Rivian, NIO.

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