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Esprit Holdings LTD (ESPGY) live price

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Shares of world-renowned fashion houses and famous clothing brands are considered a suitable asset for long-term investment. However, even the securities of large organizations are not immune to volatility. Many traders tend to take advantage of sharp fluctuations in exchange rates in order to make quick profits. Esprit stock is not trading at its highest level right now and may draw the attention of long-term investment proponents to clothing and accessory companies.

Esprit Holdings LTD

Basic company information

Esprit Holdings is a manufacturer and distributor of apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company was founded in 1968 in San Francisco. Now the products under the brand are delivered to more than 40 countries in America, Asia, and Europe. Esprit sells its products through land-based stores and online platforms.

Esprit Holdings was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 1993. Both retail and institutional investors are now investing in the global apparel and accessories company.

In September 2011, the company's value reached $1.4 billion. Since 2012, Esprit Holdings Limited shares are no longer considered a promising asset, which was due to the difficult financial situation of the company. Another crisis awaited the fashion house in 2020 after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, during which the company was forced to close many outlets.

The company's products

The main specialization of the Esprit brand is the production of fashion clothing. The holding has also established itself as a supplier of quality cosmetics, accessories, and watches. The brand positions itself as a manufacturer of universal products for people of all ages. The clothing collection for men and women includes closet items made in different styles from classic to sporty.

The latest news on the stock rate

In March 2022, Park William Yu Won took over as Esprit's chief executive officer. The corporation continues to grow in fashion, expecting earnings to increase during the current annual period. Analysts are predicting a possible rise in Esprit's stock price. However, some experts recommend investors sell the stock at this time.

Benefits of investing in Esprit

  • Despite the crisis in 2020, the company is recovering and predicts increased profits in the near future;
  • Esprit focuses on the quality of its products, which is why they are in demand;
  • Investors who are focused on long-term investing can invest in Esprit stock for future profits when the rate rises.

Disadvantages of investing in Esprit

  • Esprit's stock price is not yet showing active growth. Although some analysts believe that the value of the securities may rise in the next few months, it is difficult to guarantee a rapid rise in quotations;
  • The high competition in the fashion industry may have a negative impact on Esprit Holdings' share price recovery.


The company's capitalization reached $1.6 billion as of March 2022. Esprit does not release financial statement data. However, company officials said they intend to make a profit of HK$370 million after all taxes have been paid.

Management reports higher gross margins due to improved sales compared to 2020. The holding company's improved cost control and inventory management also contributed to the loss reduction and higher earnings. The company is also showing good results in e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Esprit's stock price?

In March 2020, Esprit Holdings Limited stock was trading at $0.38. The rate declined after the pandemic began, which was due to many of the company's stores closing.

How does an individual invest in Esprit stock?

To buy ESPGY stock, register at and get verified. You will then have access to a trader's personal account and trading platform.

How has Esprit's stock price changed over the past year?

At the beginning of 2021, the Esprit stock was trading at $256. On January 1, 2022, the company's securities were worth $315.

Is it possible to trade Esprit stock in automatic mode?

Once you have access to your personal DotBig account, you can trade securities in automatic mode. Esprit shares can be bought/sold on the social trading platform or through trading robots.

What other fashion companies can I choose to invest in?

From the fashion sector, Louis Vuitton, Gucci Group and Hermes brands can be chosen for investment.

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