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General Electric Co. (GE) live price

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General Electric's stock is classified as an industrial security. This corporation is notable for its strong financial performance and broad business profile. To invest profitably in this asset, study the company's financial report and analysts' forecasts.

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Basic information about the company

General Electric is one of the most famous industrial companies in the world. Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, it has grown into a global leader in technology, engineering and financial services. With more than 300,000 employees worldwide, GE is a powerful company in the industrial sector.

GE is a global leader in many industries, and its influence is felt in virtually every sector of the economy. As the company continues to innovate and expand into new markets, its influence will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

Company activities

GE is a diversified industrial giant with a presence in energy, healthcare, aviation and even the entertainment industry. General Electric's energy division is one of the world's largest manufacturers of turbines, generators and other energy-related equipment. In healthcare, the company makes equipment for medical imaging, diagnostics and patient monitoring. GE's aviation division produces jet engines, aircraft components and other related products.

GE is also actively involved in research and development. The company invests in a variety of projects, including innovative materials, renewable energy and digital technologies. GE's research and development has resulted in numerous products, including the world's first jet engine and the world's first commercial nuclear power plant.

The latest news on the stock price

GE is going through a rough patch as its health care business has not lived up to projected revenues due to supply chain disruptions. Meanwhile, the renewable energy division could suffer a loss of about $2 billion in 2022 due to lower demand for wind power and falling market prices amid political instability. This could likely have a negative impact on General Electric's stock price.

While GE is undergoing a major restructuring, the company is betting heavily on its commercial aerospace business. In 2023 alone, management predicts it will generate six billion dollars in revenue -- significantly more than the energy and renewable energy divisions combined. GE Aerospace's future looks very promising.

✅ The benefits of investing in General Electric

  • One of the most attractive benefits of investing in General Electric is its dividend. GE currently has a dividend yield of about 4.1%, which is higher than many similar companies. This steady income stream makes GE an excellent choice for investors looking for reliable dividend stocks.
  • GE is also an excellent long-term investment. General Electric's stock price has been trending upward for the past few years and is expected to continue to rise. This gives investors the potential for significant capital appreciation over time.
  • Investing in GE also provides investors with a degree of security. The company's diverse portfolio of businesses means that it is relatively insulated from changes in any one sector. This means that investors can be assured of the relative safety of their investments, even in volatile markets.

❌ Disadvantages of investing in General Electric

  • General Electric is a highly diversified company, operating in many industries such as energy, finance, and health care. This diversification can be beneficial in some cases, but it can also lead to lower returns and increased risk. Because GE has a presence in so many industries, it is subject to economic and industry risks. For example, if the energy sector experiences a downturn, GE could be affected.
  • GE has had a long history of declining earnings in recent years. This has been caused by a number of factors, such as stagnant sales, rising costs and restructuring efforts. Thus, investors should be aware that General Electric stock may not be able to deliver expected earnings in the near future.
  • GE is subject to significant regulatory scrutiny. As a large and well-known company, GE is constantly under the scrutiny of various regulatory agencies. This can lead to additional costs and delays, which can have a negative impact on the company's financial performance.

Financial performance

GE's outstanding financial performance in 2022 continued to grow steadily, with third-quarter revenue growth of 24% and nine months to 21%. Supply chain headwinds were noticeably loosened, leading to an impressive 25% increase in organic orders in the third quarter - overall, GE Aerospace parts sales show promising growth potential ahead of a crucial fourth quarter.

Despite an unprecedented 2021, GE Aerospace remained unfazed. With earnings growth of 20% and expected margins of 17.5-20%, 2022 is expected to be even more profitable, with projected earnings of up to $5 billion - up nearly 30% from the previous estimate.

General Electric stock price forecast for 2023, 2025

On Dec. 23, when the General Electric stock price forecast was made, the stock price was $80. In 2023, the quote could drop to $50. If the company continues to grow earnings, it has prospects of GE stock rising to $100 or higher by 2025. The corporation's success also depends on the development of the individual industries in which it operates.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected GE's stock price?

In March 2020, Kellogg's stock was trading at $63. After the coronavirus pandemic began, the stock price began to rise in September 2020 and reached $83 by early 2021.

How does an individual invest in General Electric stock?

To start investing in GE stock, log into your personal DotBig account.

How has GE's stock price changed over the past year?

From December 2021 to December 2022, General Electric stock has fallen in price from $93 to $81.

Can General Electric stock be traded automatically?

You can use trading signals, trading robots, and a copy trading platform for automated trading.

What other companies from the industrial sector can I choose to invest in?

In the industrial sector you can also invest in RaytheonBoeing and Airbus.

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